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Supertech Limited

Supertech Limited, India’s leading real estate developer was founded 25 years back in National Capital Region and since then, it has been scaling new heights by each passing day. The company has set new trends of architectural finesse in the contemporary global scenario touching the horizons of excellence. 


As Supertech faced a rapid growth in the form of emerging projects, innovative designing and new engineering techniques, it became difficult to manage and organize the information. Disorganized and uncoordinated information makes its complex to access the data; it also jeopardizes the data security.

For better control and execution of their construction projects, they needed close monitoring of projects and constant tracking. The organization was also looking to erode the margins due to increased competition and the soaring process of raw materials.

As a result of the expansive growth in the organization, Supertech was in dire need of a brand new business model that would help in augmenting the business growth spurt and improving the profitability. Also to fuel the growth rates, the company looked for diversification within the industry and an enhanced project tracking.


After studying and analyzing the growth spurt Supertech got through, their existing business blueprint and the brewing challenges which the old business model brought up in face of new construction projects, Sage Technologies suggested them a phase wise approach.

Inthe initial phase, we conducted re-implementation and extended the applicationsupport. Support is the continuous part of our services provided to Supertech.

Afterthe first phase of re-implementation, we continued with other SAP modulesimplementation in the next phases, such as:-

Ø Phase 2- SAP HR & SAP PS Implementation

Ø Phase 3- SAP DRBC & DMS Implementation

Ø Phase 4- SAP BIBO and Precast factory Implementation


Ø Re-implementation of modules like FICO, SD, RE and MM

Ø Implementation of SAP HCM, PS and DMS

Ø Precast Factory Implementation


Withall the business processes in Finance and HR being well streamlined, Sage Technologies provided Supertech Group an opportunity to get ready for future and face the challenges head-on. The phase wise implementations resulted into a drastic improvement in project management at site.

With the SAP ERP implementation, Supertech Group gained much better control on its resources like raw material, equipment and tools at project sites. As a result, this increased capacity utilization and optimizing on costs. With good resource control and management, project execution at Supertech Group scaled new heights.

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